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Hail, Hail to the Embodiment of Five Senses! Hail, Hail to Cosmic Effulgence!

This is not the Power to rule over the region—nor the wisdom of protecting the Honour of the Clan: This is where the heroic sons planted the seeds for the Construction of the Clan Temple for the Mother Goddess in the Sacred Pada Vedu, Who rules over the universe with Benign Grace and engage in Her service

About 15 years back, Karthi K.P. Bharathi, Beerana B.V. Jayapal, Pethana P. Choundaian, Pasupula S. Anbazhakan and others founded a branch of A.I.T.D. Social Welfare Association in this area and began to celebrate Ugadhi, Sacred Thread festivals and participate in the auspicious household functions of Clan members, besides appointing a Sesaraji. They wanted to construct Sri Ramalinga Chowdeswari Amman Temple and wanted me to be the Honorary President of the committee, constituted for that purpose. I told them to leave me alone and that I did not want any post or honour conferred on me and that I would give them whatever money is asked (an amount). They were not inclined to leave me and eventually made me to agree to their request. Thereafter, they would come with some documents, wanting to purchase some place. I told them that a small area would not be sufficient, times are changing and that whatever is done, must be done properly, and that we need to look for a large area for which we should wait a while. Three years had gone this way.

One day during the fourth quarter of the night, I had a feeling that somebody was calling me. I came out, stood in the terrace and look around. There was nobody to be seen. I stared at the open space outside. There appeared a huge vacant land, with aavaara plants (Casia auriculata), thorn shrubs and grass. There at a particular spot where an aavaara plant stood, I could perceive a glow, effulgent light emanating from the ground. I gazed at it for a while. Then I brought my wife there and showed her that glow. That effulgent glow could still be discerned. The place was bathed with the beauty of the full moon as well. We decided to wait until dawn to check it out, the first thing in the morning. And after the daybreak we went over to that place. The place was full of aavaara shrubs and was in the midst of many thorn shrubs (nerunji). But the place near the shrub where we saw the glowing light was clean, without dirt, dust or any blemish. There was a stone slab, too, nearby. We decided that this must be the proper place to be purchased for construction of the temple and accordingly bought the place.

By the Divine Grace of the Mother Goddess, we bought about 13,000 sq.ft. area there. We gathered the members of our clan from 10 villages and performed a Holy Earth Worship (Bhoomi Pooja) there. I must mention here an incident that took place when we were constructing the compound wall of the temple. I do not know how to describe this: A Miracle or a Great Wonder! When I think of this, there is horripilation (hairs standing on the roots!) A Girl, about 6-years old, clothed in brilliantly shinning red silk attire, with vermilion on the forehead, smilingly ran towards me. Resonant sounds emanated from her anklets and I gathered her in my arms. I often still feel that I am hearing those glorious sounds of the anklets of the Mother Goddess.