Praise be to Devalar! May the Devangar Clan Prosper!

Lord Siva, in the Pranava Concept, created Devalar from his body after Manu, to weave and provide clothes to the Trinity and all the Celestial Devas. This son was blessed by Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu and Sri Sivan and the three Great Devis (consorts). From the lotus arising from his navel Sri Vishnu gave Devalar a petal and Sakthi blessed that fabrics made from it would multiply a thousandfold: Devalar wove clothes and presented them to the Trinity and their consorts and got their blessings.

Appreciating the great skills of Devalar Peruman, they gave Devadatta, a sister of Surya God, a lady of great beauty and character in marriage to him. Lord Siva who desired that the pleasure he received should be enjoyed by people on earth too, crowned Devalar as the King of Sagara country with its capital Amodha Nagar. Devalar, who was weaving clothes and also gaining great knowledge in the Sastras, Traditions, Manthras, Magic also taught them to others. He prayed with full devotion that Mother Parasakthi should always be near him so that he could constantly

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serve her and get her blessings.

Mother Goddess accepted this prayer and conveyed Devalar that she had come to the outskirts of the Amodha Nagar. Devalar went with all his subjects there and invited Mother Goddess. Mother Goddess told him that they would walk and be conversing and that he should stop at a place where he wanted to construct a temple for her and that she too would stop there. They were returning to the capital and on the way, a river was in spate. Devalar waded through the water for a while, and returned stating, “Mother, the

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river is in floods. Please come carefully.” So saying, he suddenly stopped at that place. Mother Sakthi stopped at that place. The place looked like a beautiful garden full of aavaara shrubs and fine trees with exquisite flowers.

Devalar understood that this was the Divine Mother’s will and that he

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should act accordingly. He constructed an elegant temple there, called it as Sri Ramalinga Chowdeswari Amman Temple and

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worshiped. This holy temple can be seen in Nepal even today. Just like that Lord Siva’s son Devalar, today we have in Sri Ramanlinga Chowdeswar Amman Street of Salem Chinna Ammappettai, the scion of Devangar Kula, a benefactor, a blessed person, the great P.M.C. If he has constructed a grand temple for Devanga Kula Devi, Sri Ramalinga Chowdeswari Amman in the place where aavaras are abound, and is now conducting Maha Ashta Bandhana purificatory rituals; to me he appears to be none other than Devalar, the son of Lord Siva. We should feel it a great privilege and honour to be living during the same period as this great person and pray that he should live for many, many years and be engaged in the service of God. For this we pray to Sri Ramalinga Chowdeswari Amman to confer blessings on him: just as the strings that join the flowers, we also join to offer our devout worship and seek the blessings of the Mother.

With Love

Beerana B.V. Jayapal